2019 Presentations

Updates on reducing mortality in advanced HIV- DR Richard Murphy (UCLA)

Update on Protease inhibitors 2019- Francois Venter(WRHI)

Towards the first and second 90 KZN Update- Kevi Naidu (MatCH)

The latest management in cryptococcal meningitis. -Nithen Manickchund(UKZN)

The State of NNRTI as first line agent-MYS Moosa(UKZN)

Retention in Care Strategies for Drug Resistant Tuberculosis-N. Misra(KDH DOH)

Putting HIV Prevention into Context Investment In HIV Prevention Tools That Are Accessible, Affordable and Sustainable-A. Kharsany(CAPRISA)

Medicine and Law - Acsah Nel

Managing TB in the Context of First Line ART Failure-B. Gosnell(UKZN)

MDR TB Update - IH Master

Lessons learnt in operationalising PrEP in the private sector-Ben Mahungwi(Gauteng)

Launch of the KZN HIV VL and DR Monitoring Project- Dr H. Sunpath

Introduction of SOP’s and Tools for the VL Monitoring and Drug Resistance Project- Rochelle Adams ( CAPRISA)

HIV drug Resistance clinical management-Richard Lessells(KRISP_UKZN)

Finding Tuberculosis (TB) in HIV- Kogie Naidoo(CAPRISA)

Dolutegravir in first-, second- and third-line regimens- Francois Venter(WRHI)

Data Driven Healthcare - Alex Edwards (Emory)

DSPs and implementation of KZN HIV VLDR Approach-Kevi Naidu

Clinicopathological Conference Annual Workshop on Advanced Clinical Care – AIDS August 30, 2019 Case Study- Geoffrey S. Gottlieb(UW)

Challenges for Test and Treat Strategies - Dr Julia Turner(RTC)

Abnormal Liver Tests in People with HIV - Dr. Raj Gandhi(Harvard)

A Comprehensive Approach to Preventing Virological Failure in South Africa-Vince Marconi(EMORY)

Non-Communicable Diseases in People Living with HIV - Prof Mark Siedner